Karlstad, Minnesota

I always bought the cabin creek wrinkle free stain release shirts with long sleeves and button down collars. I can no longer find the line of clothing at JCPenney.

Don't know what has happened with this company but you have priced yourself out of the average persons dress clothing lines and gotten away from what made Penneys great. Your upper management people have failed totally in presenting what the people wish to buy. Certainly hope you can turn it around before it is too late.

I have shopped Penneys for 65 years. Where can I find these items if not at Penneys?

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Missing the cabin creek long sleeve, turtlenecks. They were so comfortable and wore well, no pilling.


I just looked up Cabin Creek Clothing and found Blair. The jeans look similar to the Cabin Creek style of clothing that I liked from JC Penny.


Heaven forbid if Goodwill gets some of that clothing for a donation. I am sure that they will charge top dollar for them. Probably more than what they sold for in the first place.


JCPenny May have NOTHING to do with our favorite Cabin Creek clothing disappearing. The manufacturer may have closed their doors.

The retail industry has taken a deep plummet.

Mall stores are closing every day. I shop Talbots off season for my tops and blouses now....and they are very reasonable at that time.


Since not being able to find the oxford wrinkle shirts anymore, they are selling for a ridiculous price on Ebay for a used shirt. Cabin Creek discontinued the best selling shirts they have ever had. Does not make sense.


Their stock is under a dollar. That should tell you something


Penneys has not forgotten that we all loved the Cabin Creek Clothing line ! They are too busy with their bottom line and caring for the younger generation's fashion. It is , in my mind, like loosing the senior members of your church who are faithfully tithers, who do most of the heavy financial support.

@Carole Gann

Amen! I bought skirts when I started my new and present church. I have been looking to replace them and nothing compares!


Well, count me in, too. I am actually wearing a Cabin Creek button down Oxford shirt right now that I bought at JC Penney about 15-20 years ago.

I have several, and most, now, have worn out. I still have a couple that are decent enough to wear. These shirts wore like iron, and I couldn’t get enough of them. I bought a couple more just before JCP dropped the brand.

Dumbest move JCP ever made was to try and change their entire premise for the company.

I said that the new concept would never work when they started it, and I was absolutely right on the money. As it is now, there are a few clothes that are OK, but nothing as good as this particular brand.


I hardly ever shop at Oenneys now. It’s sll for the young people.


I agree with all the previous comments from other Cabin creek fans.


I'm from Canada and bought a Cabin Creek shirt 10 yrs ago in Great Falls..If I had known what good product it was for wear..I'd have bought a dozen...


Cabin Creek button down blouses are the best I've ever owned. Haven't found anything to replace them and they're worn out now.

I'll shop JCP when they bring them back or something comparable. Sadly, they are still focused on the 20 somethings instead of their faithful customers who have more disposable income.


Why are your buyers refusing to buy Cabin Creek clothing? I bought all my summer cloths from that line such as cotton twill elastic waste shorts, slacks and I love their cotton knit shirts.

I see all the negative reviews but your buyers are turning a deaf ear.

Yes this probably pertains to 55 and up but we need comfortable, durable nice looking clothing also. PLEASE reconsider and bring this line back.


I love Cabin Creek. Since they discontinued the line I have not been able to find a nice fitting shirt.

I also wore their jeans, only. I can't believe that I am buying second hand Cabin Creek clothes when I can find them. J.C.P really let down thousands of their female customers when they discontinued the Cabin Creek line. I have been shopping with them since 1971.

I have written several letters to Penney's and never received one response.

Swap.com has had some used Cabin Creek clothes. I am so glad I have found a few shirts.


I agree with many customers about the Cabin Creek clothing. It was a great product, durable and

of good quality.

It's a shame JCP has gone to cheap, 100% cotton garbage for a price that doesn't fit many of it's customers budgets. JCP has always been a main stay with me for over 58 years. Just went into your store and walked out empty handed.

Not finding anything I want at the prices you charge.

Disappointed customer!


None of this is helpful, because JCP has done nothing about it.


Get a life and move on.


I too bought the cabin creek wrinkle free women’s shirts. Very disappointed.


i, too, miss my cabin creek....i stopped shopping jcp and i used to work there....they are too trendy for the younger set now and have no regard for the older set who kept them in business for years!!