I always bought the cabin creek wrinkle free stain release shirts with long sleeves and button down collars. I can no longer find the line of clothing at JCPenney.

Don't know what has happened with this company but you have priced yourself out of the average persons dress clothing lines and gotten away from what made Penneys great. Your upper management people have failed totally in presenting what the people wish to buy. Certainly hope you can turn it around before it is too late.

I have shopped Penneys for 65 years. Where can I find these items if not at Penneys?

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Penneys has not forgotten that we all loved the Cabin Creek Clothing line ! They are too busy with their bottom line and caring for the younger generation's fashion. It is , in my mind, like loosing the senior members of your church who are faithfully tithers, who do most of the heavy financial support.


Well, count me in, too. I am actually wearing a Cabin Creek button down Oxford shirt right now that I bought at JC Penney about 15-20 years ago.

I have several, and most, now, have worn out. I still have a couple that are decent enough to wear. These shirts wore like iron, and I couldn’t get enough of them. I bought a couple more just before JCP dropped the brand.

Dumbest move JCP ever made was to try and change their entire premise for the company.

I said that the new concept would never work when they started it, and I was absolutely right on the money. As it is now, there are a few clothes that are OK, but nothing as good as this particular brand.


I agree with all the previous comments from other Cabin creek fans.


Why are your buyers refusing to buy Cabin Creek clothing? I bought all my summer cloths from that line such as cotton twill elastic waste shorts, slacks and I love their cotton knit shirts.

I see all the negative reviews but your buyers are turning a deaf ear.

Yes this probably pertains to 55 and up but we need comfortable, durable nice looking clothing also. PLEASE reconsider and bring this line back.


I love Cabin Creek. Since they discontinued the line I have not been able to find a nice fitting shirt.

I also wore their jeans, only. I can't believe that I am buying second hand Cabin Creek clothes when I can find them. J.C.P really let down thousands of their female customers when they discontinued the Cabin Creek line. I have been shopping with them since 1971.

I have written several letters to Penney's and never received one response.

Swap.com has had some used Cabin Creek clothes. I am so glad I have found a few shirts.


I agree with many customers about the Cabin Creek clothing. It was a great product, durable and

of good quality.

It's a shame JCP has gone to cheap, 100% cotton garbage for a price that doesn't fit many of it's customers budgets. JCP has always been a main stay with me for over 58 years. Just went into your store and walked out empty handed.

Not finding anything I want at the prices you charge.

Disappointed customer!


None of this is helpful, because JCP has done nothing about it.


Get a life and move on.


I too bought the cabin creek wrinkle free women’s shirts. Very disappointed.


i, too, miss my cabin creek....i stopped shopping jcp and i used to work there....they are too trendy for the younger set now and have no regard for the older set who kept them in business for years!!


I wore the Cabin Creek twill pull-on pants since I was 20 - for over 20 years. Even though I spent about $2000 or more per year (excluding Christmas) at JCP, I stopped shopping there after discovering that they discontinued these pants (and skirts).

I will not shop JCP for discontinuing these pants and for adversely affecting my son's credit 10 years ago because his JCP card was paid in full and he was not using it!!!! How can a company make an adverse report to the credit bureaus because someone is paid in full and not regularly using their card???

The ONLY reason I would EVER shop JCP again would be if they brought back my pants. I won't even buy my favorite sheets and towels there - although they probably are no longer sold there because JCP has probably gone to cheaper versions of those, as well as many other things, from what I hear.


Please bring back the Cabin Creek women's button down camp shirts. Love those shirts.


I too am so disappointed I cannot find this brand any longer and I am still wearing some I purchased 20 years ago but keep trying to replace them. The new clothes for women are disgusting in quality. rita


I agree with this lady. I also wore and still have many of the shirts and pants.

I used to be able to go into Penny's pick up a size 12 petite jeans, and never have to try them on. One of the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever had was by Cabin Creek.


Another fruitless search for Cabin Creek corduroy pull-on pants. I bought every color that was available, wore them out, repurchased....have been looking ever since and hoped that I could find them...Alas.

It would help somewhat if we knew WHY JCP discontinued this line. I've read the comments and agree wholeheartedly with them all.

WHAT HAPPENED? I need to find these pants--18 WP....77 year old in Iowa!

Hamden, Connecticut, United States #1254406

the best pants I ever bought were elastic waisted twill pants with a true fit. NOW the closest I came was crappy twill pants, 1 1/2 inches smaller than the same size in cabin creek.

Lindstrom, Minnesota, United States #1232947

I agree; I've been looking for the Cabin Creek blouses and am very disappointed in anything close to it. Shame that JCP doesn't carry it any longer. Guess I shop elsewhere.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1229625

What were they thinking?!!!!! This is a big misstep by JC Penney.

We love the Cabin Creek Shirts. They were quality, nice looking, easy care.

One more reason not to shop there!!!! Are you listening JC?

to Anonymous #1376198

So what's up with the cabin creek pants apparently there are enough former customers of j c penny that loved the pants so is there not anything you can do, as a well known retailer, to bring them back Why did you quit selling them ? That was just plain stupid.

Is your company on the way out. Why get rid of something that people came back for time and time again

Duluth, Minnesota, United States #1221890

I am with you totally. I hope somewhere we can find these wonderful clothes again but I sure have my doubts.. RB

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