Paterson, New Jersey
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Why did JCP discontinue carrying Cabin Creek pants. I can't believe they did this.

their advertising and marketing techniques have gone down the drain! I don't even shop there anymore. They were so reliable in the past; now all I see there is junk, out of the country made clothing that falls apart after one washing. Do they realize they are losing valuable customers.

I now do shopping elsewhere for my clothing and do miss JCP a lot. Help us baby boomers and start carrying Cabin Creek once again for all your dear and wonder customers you have had a long, long time.

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I too am an advertisement for Caben Creek Pants. Love them and have been ordering them through the Penney's catalog for years now.

Suddenly they are Gone????? I cannot believe JCP would do this they are the most comfortable slacks I have ever worn.

Please somebody Bring back Cabin Creek. So I can stock up once again.