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I bought a st johns bay winter jacket at jcp and i really loved it I went home tried it on and the zipper wouldnt work the teeth wouldnt line up right so i brought it back and they gave me a refund so i bout another st johns coat somewhat sifferent then the first one i brought it home put it on there was a big hole in the pocket and the zipper zipped up and split off in the middle it was not too small cuz i bought a siza bigger so i cold wear a sweater. so i brought this one back to and dint buy another cuz i was so disgusted

come to find out my husband bought a st johns bay coat last year and has hd trouble with the zipper ever since he just didnt bother to bring it back

I have always loved your product but going through this now i will freexe the rest of the winter and wont dare buy anymore of your products

barbara cowan i expect someone to check into this and make me a happy customer

Monetary Loss: $60.

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That's probably because you bought the coats in february, the end of the season. You get the leftovers at the point, jcpenney puts coats out in july, and wants them out by january for swimsuits.

Next time get them as soon as they hit the floor! And try it on before you buy it.

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