I purchased a ring in the store being told I could have it sized on more than one occasion and also told it would be free with the purchase of a protection plan. Understand that my this is a not an expensive item.

But to me it was priceless ok. Now I figure out it cant be sized but think 6 would work since this persons hand tend to swell. They do not carry and 6 in JCPENNEY for one. And by now I have lost valuable time assuming it could be sized.

By the time a returned the one I was sold (since they cant help you at all, cant bring one in for an exchange they tell you you HAVE to return it and buy it online from them also paying whatever price it is selling for that day) size 6 was sold out. I suppose a few got returned and it would alert but I am dealing with many things in so cant be on my phone or computer all day. This was a LAST Christmas gift for a terminally Ill teenager whose middle name is rose and she wanted THIS one and no one else is selling it. And worse I had one and now I dont and a 7 cant possible be made to fit.

So with poor sales knowledge and poor access to what I can only assumed is 3rd party inventory if they cant produce it for you in a store unless you purchased it I will be disappointing who is trying bravely to pick out what she would like to be buried in. So I am super pissed!

User's recommendation: I know it’s Pennys but expect even less than before.

Location: Wadsworth, Ohio

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