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I called J.c. penneys spoke with a supervisor that I possibily dropped a money bag in the parking lot after shopping.

An employee assured me that she checked parking lot. I asked if the red smart car was still there and she said it wasnt. Well I decided to drive back to Austin to check the parking lot. Well the red smart car was still there.

I went inside and asked to speak to a supervisor. Arron came out & assured me that it definitely wasnt her that I spoke to and after the first 10 seconds it definitely wasnt because she made sure to let me know that it wasnt j.c. penneys responsibility to worry about my bag. She kept interrupting.

Then she said that I kept repeating myself I told arron that she kept interrupting. Aaron was very condescending & demeaning. I told her that she had very bad customer service and she stated that she took communications in college as if I didnt or if I didnt have the capabilities of going to college. She stated once again doesnt understand what I want if J.c.

penneys doesnt have any responsibility to do with my bag. I then said well just apology and sarcastically she apologized and walked away. This supervisor is the worst I have dealt with.

This atitude will reflect on the staff of this store and on the customers . I will no longer return.

User's recommendation: don’t bring your business.

Preferred solution: Apology.

JCPenney Pros: Sales staff.

Location: Austin, TX

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All your fault. You picked a fight and ran your mouth at her and she not JCP had anything to do with your issue. In no way were you ever a “customer “ of theirs that day to expect anything.

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