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Arizona Relaxed blue jeans from J.C. Penney have been the only brand that I've bought for years. They have always fit and worn well.

I'm guessing in order to increase profits they decided to reduce the amount of material from the crotch up to the top of the pants. I measured the zipper length on a recently purchased pair and discovered that the zipper has been reduced by approximately 3/4 of an inch.

This change in design has severely affected the comfort of the jeans. There are very few 57 year old men who wants the feel of low waisted pants.

This *** move from some bean counter has caused me to seek another brand of blue jeans.

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I agree.I haven't bought a pair in 5 years because they would not wear out.

I just recently bought 2 pair in2017 and after 3 months both have holes where the back pocket stitches on.Never again

Covington, Kentucky, United States #1184091

cheaper denim, belt loops pull off, and denim color is all screwed up


This has to do with current style and has nothing to do with the quality of the jeans. Good grief.

to Anonymous Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, United States #1090602

It appears that you did not read the other comments. Dah!


I will never buy your product again!!!!!!@!Thin fabric and wash it and the crotch rips out.

I returned the first one but the store closed near to me.You people suck at even what the concept of jeans should be.....give me money for your rip crotch so I can buy new....use quality stuff......we go back to Levi and so!!!!


I like the Arizona and everything about Arizona jeans,but I noticed it wearing in the the butt near the back pockets. My questions is are these jeans guaranteed to last and if you get holes in them you can return them for a new pair? I know Levis does that,buy wasn't sure if Arizona did also!

to Anonymous #1304853

My husbands jeans gets exact same year!!


Arizona used to have good jeans.Now the manufacturer has cheapened them so much that they aren't worth wearing.

After 1 washing they are barely fit to wear unless you like looking like a slob.

Speaking of the soppy look, I'm looking forward to the day when designers and customers tire of the low-rise and mid-rise styles because I'm sick of looking at people's butt cracks.

Makers of Arizona jeans: please fix your damaged reputation by making quality jeans again.

If you decide not to, it will be a relief when you go out of business.


Search and you can still find old style on ebay.You need to make sure jeans are from Mexico.

Quality dropped when jeans went overseas to Thailand. I am 6'9" and these are the only decent pair of jeans that fit me and I buy every pair I can when I seen them.

I used to shop JC Penney's big and tall but I stopped doing that after jeans went bust.I would estimate that I moved about $500 a year over to other retailers and now try to only buy clothes made in USA (except for these jeans).



In addition to the lower quality material and lower rise that I can't live with, did you notice that they have removed one of the two belt loops on the back of the jeans

I left Levi's many years ago because of the same reason. Now I will leave Arizona jeans. :(

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