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I went in to my local JCP today to find not only were the ONLY BRAS I can comfortably wear not to be found, but when I asked the associate where the Ambrielle section was, I was told the company has quit selling them. I worked at JCPenney for over 15 months and I know that was their selling intimates brand as a company.

Not only has the company gone to pot since the whole "no coupon" thing and "best deal" ***, but now that they're supposedly back to the way it was, nothing is the same...still!

The clothing doesn't last, the materials are mainly cheap, and the home section is horrible - no selection at all!

I recently bought three pair of ladies jeans and by the 2nd week the back button had come off of one pocket, the second had a "weak spot" in the fabric and it just frayed and tore away, and the third ALSO had the button fall off by week 2 (I had bought the 3rd pair 2 weeks after the first 2). NO QUALITY!

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Jeans.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Just bought 2 ambrielle bras at J C Penney 9/27/2105


I was also upset when the bras I had been wearing for years were discontinued. I tried on the new Ambrrielle bras and they just don't fit the way the others did. I wish they would bring back the previous styles.




I too was so upset that you can no longer find the Ambrielle Bra that I have been wearing for years, cannot be found anywhere. Found out the Ambrielle Company quite making them.

It is so very, very aggravating to find something you like and use everyday and then all of a sudden they disappear.

Its happened to me so many times with so many products and I am sick to death of it. No loyalty to customers anymore, its like take it or leave it customer, to bad for you.


The new line of Ambrielle bras are not the same as discontinued


I ordered two in same size as before, but returned them because

they just don't fit.

I admit I'm small but these looked and fit like a teen bra.

Was so disappointed. Does anyone else feel the new ones are not the same?


I went in today to get all new Ambrielle bras as well and before I could finish my sentence the rude sales associate told me we no longer carry Ambrielle. She was kind enough to tell me they are bringing the brand back but didnt know when. Guess I'll keep an eye out online.


I went to JCP last night specifically for Ambrielle bras and panties. I thought it was odd that I didn't see the display anywhere, so I found a sales associate and asked if they were still carrying them and she told me in a very specific, one-worded response..."No"...and walked away!

I was stunned, not only that I can't get what I came for, but that the sales associate couldn't have been more rude!! Ambrielle bras are amazing! It's not easy finding a comfortable bra in a size 40D, but they had plenty to choose from. And not only were they comfortable, but very pretty and amazingly durable!

So ladies, here's hoping for us Ambrielle fans that they don't disappoint us!!


I had the same experience at JC Penny's looking for the same bra's. I loved them.

I bought several so I still have a few in good shape but ran out of the black. I really would love to find them again..

Why do they disccontinue something that is selling so great. I don't understand that at all.


I was told just yesterday at a JCP store that Ambrielle is coming back in either January or February.


Just went today to buy a new Ambrielle bra and was told they are no longer carrying them....what the??? They were the absolute best bra I have ever found!!!

I hope they bring back the brand that worked the best and lasted the longest. Maybe that's why they took it away because they want people to buy *** rather than quality so we will buy more....,, grrrr


Ambrielle bras & panties were discontinued over a year ago....

On a positive note, my supervisor told me the brand is coming back.


Management's poor decisions at J.C. Penny's will be the death of the store. An example of a poor decision was the elimination of

Ambrielle bras. Ambrielle was the only bra that I bought. The fit was great and came in 26A & 38A push up, with some padding and underwire which are impossible to find in other brands.

Hopefully, management will change their minds and bring the Ambrielle bras back into the stores.


I AGREE W/ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING!!!! I'm a 23 year old college student who refuses to opt into the VS fad and buy their overly priced bras. I found this brand a few years ago and switched out all my old bras entirely to this brand. Last weekend I went w/ my sister & mom (who I also previously had converted to wearing Ambrielle Bras) to buy some new bras only to find that the brand had been discontinued. I'M SOOOOO DISAPPOINTED!!!! The lady at the counter told me that there was talk of them possibly coming back in February and I totally have my fingers crossed!!!!




It's a pity they no longer sell Ambrielle intimates. They are really good.

They also don't sell South Pole apparel anymore. My teenage sons just love the brand.

I visited JCP during the summer and I didn't even make a purchase. Usually I would walk out with lots of bags, not this time.

Seriously doubt I'll be returning soon. Maybe next year.


I went to jcp the other day looking for Ambrielle panties and couldn't find them. Love the way they fit.


Coming back february or march of next year hope allposters will show jcp how much we love the bras


Ambrielle bras fit amazing and last forever! That's why I hadn't been bra shopping in a while--I went last week to finally get a couple more bras, and they are gone!

***! I really hope they come back as good as before. This is one bra that was a true value.

I would be willing to pay more for them to keep the same styles and quality. JCPenney: ARE YOU LISTENING?


I quit shopping at JCP as well just for this same reason. But....

I was looking online today doing some more research about Ambrielle and the lingerie is supposed to be coming back within the next few weeks and the bra line in the spring!!!

Yay! Hopefully that is correct and they are as good as before bc I was in the store today and NOTHING else was cutting it.


Same here, I quit shopping at JC Peneny


Same here, I've quit shopping at JCPenney's. I can't find this line of bras either!