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Jcpenney in Birmingham, Alabama - Poor customer service, rude from manager.

I was in the Galleria Store in Birmingham, Al and I had a complaint and the manager named Kristen came and she was in a horrible mood and not friendly. She was almost hostile to my complaint. Very unprofessional. She was just short and u friendly the whole time she was suppose to be helping. I just wanted to get away from her. I won't be back to JCP. Also she looked like she hadn't slept and was on something. I suspect she was strung out on something. She could have helped me return my clothes in a friendly manner instead. She set a poor example for the lady who was I intially trying to help me.
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Of course being she looked like she hadn't slept, she must have been on something. Of course you jumped to these conclusions because she wasn't crawling on her knees being overly friendly to you.

Did it ever occur to you that being you said she looked like she hadn't slept that she might have had a fussy baby or toddler that kept her up most of the night? She could even have had a neighbor that was having a noisy party that kept her awake. There are all kinds of reasons that she might not have slept. There are a couple old sayings that apply here.

They are: Until you walk a mile in somebody's shoes, don't think you know what is going on in their life. There other one is "Judge not, lest ye be judged."



Also she could have been exhausted from running her *** off all day.

She may have been the Lead On Duty, and not the store manager...and under a lot of stress.

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JCP is a terrible place to work! I just quit a JCP salon about two weeks ago and I will never ever be back. Working there started going downhill in May when they stopped paying us commission and paying us only minimum wage. When we found out we were going to have to...
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That's a shame , I don't think Mr. Penney wanted his business ran in to the ground, I'm sure Mr. Penney is rotisserie in his grave.

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