map-marker Trenton, New Jersey

Never delivered the order!!

I ordered a Boy's fleece hoodie via on 11/21/12. The item was on backorder but JCPenney indicated that it would ship no later than 12/6/12. Did not receive any email from them so I called the customer service number listed on the order email. The customer service in Ohio had no clue. They told me that the local store should have called me as soon as the hoodie arrived at their store. They told me to call the local store and find out what had happened. THey also mentioned that since it has been 11 days the store had probably shipped in back because I did not pick up the merchandise. I insisted on talking to the CS Manager but instead the CS Rep transferred me to the local store in Lawrenceville, NJ. The person that answered the phone asked for all the details all over again and was unable to help indicating that the order had never arrived at the store. She indicated that if it arrived they would call me. I asked to speak to the store manager. The manager came on and had no clue as to the whereabouts of the order. She said she could transfer me back to customer service so I could find out what happened. I told her that it was not something I wanted to do because I had been transferred to the store instead of the CS Manager. The store manager took my phone number and said would find out what happened to the order and would call me back. Any call back she did to inform me that my order could not be fulfilled and had to be cancelled.
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map-marker Omaha, Nebraska


Ordered 7 items at JCP online in black friday. They gave 2 different order numbers in my email. After almost a month, only one arrived, and when I called to complaint they assure there is only one item in the order where the confirmation mail says there is 6, and the other order is simply disappeared from their system. I have the confirmation emails from both orders. But the lady in the call center who finally answered after a 25 min wait, says there is nothing she can do if the order does number does not come up. Nor she gives me any information where I can redirect my complaint. Very pissed at JCP. Beware of buying there.
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jetter c
map-marker Cleveland, Ohio

Terrible salesperson JCPenneys

I was given an inexpensive watch as a birthday gift. The watch has links to the watchband. Turns out it was too large. My first experience was when I went to the jewelry dept to have links taken out. The salesperson, whos name I dont know, but had very long dark hair..very recognizeable. I did not have the receipt as I really didnt think Id need it with a watch that was clearly JCPenneys brand. She would not take the link off. Ok fine, I walked away. A few days later, I visited JCPenney again, and since I had the watch in my car still, I thought Id try again, and maybe a different more customer service related employee would do it for me. So I tried again. I was advised it would cost me $15.00 to have it done. Really? The watch cost only $30, and Iam going to pay $!5 for a ten second fix? I think not. I insisted I should not have to pay for a link to be taken out. So the salesperson called a manager and she was given the go ahead to take the link out. She took one link out and I believe we were both so eager to get this done, that I didnt even really check to see if it fit well. So I get home and guess was still too big. So again, I took it back. This time, I had the receipt as the person who gave it to me finally located it. A different salesperson was there. I told her how it didnt fit and I needed at least one more link taken off. She was so pleasant and courteous telling me even if I didnt have the receipt she would have done it since it was clearly their watch brand. As she began to take the links off, the band literally broke in her hand. We both were shocked that it happened. So now I figure I better choose a different style. One with a band with no links. Ok so now I get home. I go to set the time and low and behold, the stem breaks off! So I take that one back now! So who was the salesperson? The one who gave me a hard time earlier. Again I have the receipt and I chose yet another style. This one was actually $6.00 cheaper then the original one. Yet now, she tells me I had to pay another $14.00. Are you serious?? So at this point the watch cost $44, which was originally $30.00. At this point I tell her we need to have a manager there. The manager, a very professional and courteous young lady came. At this time Iam telling her about the situation. And all this time, the saleseperson has this smurk on her face. The manager seeing this asked her to walk away. A very professional move on her part. The manager clearly saw my point. So this manager allowed me to yet take that watch I chose, which was now actually marked $24.00, which is $6.00 less than the cost paid for the original. I didnt care, all I wanted was to get one in exchange. Ok, ready for this one?......I get home and once again go to set the time....AND THE STEM FALLS OUT! Just like the other one, which was in fact a different style. So at this point guess what I have to do yet? Go back and go through the whole thing again for a replacement once again. Im ready to just toss the watch but I dont want them to win and Im out a gift that was given to me. This is yet to be resolved!
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I'm suprised Captital One diened you, they usually accept anyone. I got my first credit card from them.

You could also try Chase bank.If you have a cell phone, that's another way to build credit. Through Sprint you will have to pay a security deposit if you have no credit but you will get it back in a year.If the cell phone is in your name it will have a positive impact on your credit if you pay it on time every month.I got into quite a mess with credit cards myself, so please be careful!


:cry to see a customer treated Lille that! I worked for JCP in jewelry dept and there is NO charge for taking out links.

That sales gal should be whipped and also her bad attitude is uncalled for!!! She clearly does not need to work in that dept. also the store manager should be called concerning this.

Store managers take customer service very seriously!!! So please get him/her involved and let them know not just the dept manager on the floor!!!


Alex.....obviously you dont know the whole impact on these visits like I was. Im sure youre just one of just a few who wouldnt agree with me if you really thought about it


You sound like a pain in the ***.


Hahahaha you're a fellow retail employee if I had to guess :grin

@PissedConsumer812931 got that right! Retail employee for 40 yrs

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Taysean Niw
map-marker Atlanta, Georgia

No hosiery or Cords

I went to 3 JC Penney stores over the past 3 or so weeks and cannot find the east 5th street support hosiery that I have worn for years, I went to Athens on one last time to JC Penney. The clothes that they sell , you could not give them to me, Yes I am an older woman but I have bought from this company for years since my sons were in grade school but no more. When I learned that they would not have the St. Johns Bay Chords too, this is the final straw. Change your name too and match what you sell
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map-marker Houston, Texas

Just another boring store.

I did most of my shopping at JC Penny and Kohl's. I loved receiving coupons in the mail and would and would go to JC Penny even if I did not need anything. I was shocked when I saw those *** commercials making fun of the coupons because I was always excited to get them in the mail. I have gone several times to JCP and purchased nothing. My main store now is Kohl's and JCP is just another boring store. It's hard to say what JCP can do to get shoppers like me back in. I recently got a $10 off coupon in the mail and I just threw it in the garbage.
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map-marker Portland, Maine


JCP used to be a great place to buy Stafford, good luck finding anything acceptable in their in store stock. And even more good luck trying to find pants to match the jacket...or vice versa. And the website is a complete joke! Try selecting the pants at this link. It wants me to enter inseam and chest size!!! How friggin' high do they want me to wear their pants!!! />Just don't know where else the middle class is supposed to shop for suits...perhaps Goodwill? No wonder JCP is tanking.
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Ericson Tdg
map-marker Maple Grove, Minnesota

Couldnt buy my selection

I've never in my life have seen this before, but today 2/21/2013 at 10:20 AM I went to check out the pair odf pants I selected. The lady took my credit card and began searching for the bar code. There was none. She said "there is no bar code". I looked at her and she looked at me. Nothing happened. She didn't call to get the price or do anything more for the sale. After the staring ended, I said "OK thanks anyway". Bought a pair with no hassle at Kohl's. Geeeze. Vrocchio Maple Grove xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
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map-marker Houston, Texas

Can't get my order/can't get my money back!!!

Placed an online order with said all items were in stock. It charged my credit card, gave me an order number, but now noone can find order. I've been to the store 4 times to get my order. They tell me it is in transit and will not return my money "because order is on the truck" This order has been on a truck for 2 weeks!!! I don't know who ruined JCP...but ruined it is. I guess I will have to embarrass myself in the middle of the store to get them to return my money...they obviously have no idea where my order is or why it cannot be located. Once I finally get my money back, I WILL NEVER ENTER A JCPENNEY STORE AGAIN!!! I hope someone at corporate JCP cares enough about the corporation to read these comments and make necessary changes....otherwise this store will not be in business in the next few years, which is a shame for a store that has existed for over 100 years!!!
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levy h
map-marker Phoenix, Arizona

Ruined my traditional Black Friday

The only store I have ever set foot in on BF was JCP. This year was a complete & total bust. Last year we purchased 3 huge bags of amazing deals, our once a year event to get our winter clothes, shoes,kitchen & bedding deals. Within 10 minutes we were totally discouraged & ready to leave. NO DEALS IN ANY DEPARTMENT !!!! We shopped and shopped, with heavy hearts. Since we went to so much trouble to get there (no Penneys near our home) we felt compelled to find SOMETHING! We left with 3 items each. FULL PRICE on most of it. ARE YOU SERIOUS PENNEYS? You ruined our sacred tradition with the 'no coupons' and 'no discount' Bull@#%&. So disgusted! Sears, here we come.
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Levy i agree. I used to work at a jcpenney.

Since the new changes theyve been going downhill quick. i got the "black friday sale" ad in the paper, looked at THE FRONT of the ad, laughed and threw it directly into th trash. i knew it was going to be a joke and now i was proven right.

Never go there again. its bad..


Wow did you not go on BLACK FRIDAY. The store was 30% off almost everywhere.

Even Fine Jewelry was 25% off. It was the one exception to the 'no sale' rule. Or did you not go on Friday and went Saturday or Sunday instead? If that was the case there is your problem.

It was a Black Friday Sale. Then again they could do what all the other retailers do and mark it up so you think you are getting a sale.

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map-marker Port-Of-Spain, Port-Of-Spain

JCP International Online shipping/shopping Sucks!!

I am a first time JCP online shopper and since Thursday 22nd Nov 2012 I have been trying to place an online order for international shipping and I keep getting the message "International Shipping is TEMPORARILY unavailable, try again later"! Twice all the items in my 'bag' mysteriously disappeared and today the CSR over the phone told me to delete the cookies in my browser and VOILA!! my items were deleted from my 'bag' Again! So I guess JCP does not want my money! They need to fix their online services. 5 days is waay too long for a glitch in which no one seems to know aboout or how to fix!.......Come on JCP in these hard economic times you cant be allowing easy money to slip through your fingers!!
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Jcp sucks!!! Its over a week now im trying to place order but cant, no choices of international then tried to talk to costumer service and said go to jcp website and find this more ways to shopping and you can find international which not in there.

Dont get any help from them. Such a waste of time.


I live in Canada and I ordered a winter jacket. Not once but twice.

Both times they took the money from my credit card and both times they informed me that my item got lost in transit.

This was for the same jacket. I thought maybe once was a can happen, but twice?? They tell me that my credit card isn't charged until the item is delivered but that's such a lie. They paid themselves for an item which in fact never existed.

I'm furious and it really scares me when ordering on-line because of thief's like this. Canada shoppers, please beware.

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map-marker Saint Louis, Missouri

Simply cannot pay my bills...(((

I was trying to pay my bills via phone, it took me forever to reach real person, not automated system. I don't trust automated system, it took more than hour to reach a real person, then she put me on hold and then i was transferred back with no reason to automatic system. I just wanted to pay my monthly bills... But i couldn't because of *** automated system. Why you guys make it soooo complicated for your customers? Bad management and *** automated system show that you guys are not professionals in your field. As soon as I pay back my bills , i m going to close jcp credit card forever.
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map-marker Cranford, New Jersey

Bed Linnen

I asked for and recieved bed sheets for Christmas. I do not know what the cost was, what got me annoyed was it was titled "JC Penny, Home." No matter the cost, the fabric was so cheap and slippery that nothing stayed on the bed. Even the pillow cases slipped off! It was probably a 200 count or something really low, but YOU would not believe JCPenny would carry such ***! One wear and off the bed into the garbage! If you put your name one, be decent. Don't carry such ***. Sounds like you are about to become another KOHLS, all made overseas, disaposable clothing and not real sterling silver!!!! I am so disappointed in another American standard slipping right off the bed! Good Night JC Penny!
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map-marker Ann Arbor, Michigan

Changes ruined jcp

JCP was my favorite place to shop for quality, house and name brands. The new company is awful and quality is gone with the brands. I have shopped there for over 35 years and loved the quality of the products, the selection and it is all gone---all gone! Now you have very, very, little selection and the products are of extremely cheap---very cheap, quality!!!! I will no longer shop there and am extremely sad and angry that someone in an office destroyed this company! If they don't go back to the products they used to sell they will not survive and I will not return.
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I could not have said it better,used to love shopping there. I was there at least once a week,now cannot remeber the last time i was there...blah!

Kaede Goq
map-marker San Diego, California


on nov. 23rd 2012 we purchased a bed frame, a matress and a 900 $ couch. we got the bed frame and the matress, but no couch. we paid a lot of money for the couch. and we called your store (jcpenney) there was no record, we called the suppliers still no record says its not in the system. yet jcpenney didn't fail to take our money for the couch. we even have the reciept. my husband is on his way to the store now. he is very pissed. i am too. sincerely a customer who doesnt like her money being stolen. especially almost a thousand dollars. not in the system. very funny!
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Cheryl Fxa
map-marker San Diego, California

Cabin Creek twill slacks

I don't know why J. C. Penneys stopped carrying Cabin Creek twill pants, but I can tell you that's why I've stopped shopping regularly at their stores. I wear an 18wp and it is so hard to find "plus size" petites. They have another brand but they are more expensive and they are a dressier material. Why, why, why did they do this? I cannot find slacks like those anywhere. Shame on you. I still look on line for sale items but unless it is something I cannot order I go elsewhere. They sold this brand for years and then.....BOOM, gone.
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