Do Not Order From JC Penney

I ordered three items on line for Christmas.Two were on back order and it stated that the white dress shirt I wanted could not be shipped.It had to be picked up at the store.I called today to see if it was in and was told it was not there;that the computer said it was damaged.They gave me another number to call.We were all conferenced in together and I was told I have to make a trip to the store to receive credit and the shirt was discontinued.What a bunch of bull.What happened to the top catalog place to order from?No wonder the store has to keep reorganizing.
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Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania

JC Penney stinks!

I ordered several items online for pickup in the store. All items were "in stock". After 1 week I checked online to get the status but even though there is a "track your order" link it tells me nothing so I called the Customer Service number to check on the status of delivery. I gave the agent the order number and order date. She commences to lecture me on how long it takes to ship from Ohio to Connecticut and told me I was too impatient. After a couple minutes of this ***, I asked her to just tell me when my order will arrive. She said that she didn't have a clue and to wait at least another week before I "bothered them again". Well guess what I'll never "bother" Penney's again by trying to spend my money on their merchandise! Better yet I'll just cancel this order. Carl.
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Cheshire, Connecticut
New Reviewer

JC Penney Canceling Orders from Black Friday Sales

I placed a few orders online on Thanksgiving Day when JC Penney posted its Black Friday Deals. All items were shown "in stock" and I took advantage of free shipping. The first order came quickly and complete. The remaining orders have been very slow, with some not having arrived even though they are showing "in stock" and/or "shipped". Within those orders there were several items that showed "backordered" and would not ship until December 20th. That doesn't help me since they were Hanukkah gifts and the holiday is over before that date. This morning I woke up to emails from JC Penney saying they have canceled two of the remaining orders and the items are no longer available. This is unacceptable in my opinion. Is anyone else having issues with their orders from JC Penney online?
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I am having the exact same issue. I bought a few things from their website on Black Friday and only got one of them.

A wallet was backordered, then I got an email about two weeks later with the message "Sorry for the wait….thanks for your patience." and a tracking number, saying the wallet had shipped. I never could get anything to come up with the tracking number so I called customer service and demanded to speak to a supervisor.

She informed me that the wallet was discontinued, so it was never actually mailed. When I asked her why I was sent a tracking number, she had no explanation.

Yeah, JCPenney has just given up.


Had the same experience with Target.

@Ronald G Pmf

I had the same problem with JCP. I ordered something and was told it would arrive in 4-7 days.

I noticed I could not track my package so I called customer service and was informed that one of my orders was on back order so the whole order would be delayed another two weeks! They used to ship items that were in stock, and send the rest later.....not anymore I was informed by customer service. All of the items showed in stock when my order was placed. I called the next day to check on my order and was informed it would be delayed another week (three weeks all together before it would even be shipped!).

I was able to cancel my order, and I ordered from Macys. Macys was cheaper on sale(penny's doesn't have sales any longer.) I will not be ordering from Jcp anymore.

I hope they go under......looks like their sales have been really terrible! :roll

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Altamonte Springs, Florida

JCPenny online is a waste of time!

Website freezes, is slow & sometimes directs to a page you weren't on. Restarting the entire site is your only option if you wish to continue shopping.Cart empties itself after you carefully choose your (overpriced) items. If you try to change items in your cart, even though you ARE logged on, they tell you that you're not...try logging on again & they tell you your email address is invalid! The stores have limited stock & attendants are too "busy" to assist you! I'm 8mths pregnant, & purchased heavy toys, I practically had to beg for them to hold my bags till I brought the car closer ! I'm selling my giftcards to the highest bidder-JCP SUCKS!
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I had the same issue. When I tried to checkout, the site said my credit card number was incorrect.

Every time I would try to use Paypal it would start the site all over again.

I just want to get my last order and never mess with them again. I have a sneaky suspicion that after Christmas, this company is going to fold, that is why there are so many items that are out of stock and not replenished.

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Fort Worth, Texas

JCP customer service lied to me and furniture customer care did not deliver

I oredered a 6 piece Brooks bedroom furniture set on cyber Monday. Cust service and I confirmed several times what the 6 pieces were, the material, the shipping etc. In the end I got only 4 pieces but still got charges full amount. After 2 hours toinite on phone JCP and I agreed to a price on two misisng pieces (Nightstand and tv ready dresser) BUT THEN she tells me we do not have them in stock and I can't tell you if they are being discontinued or not...until the 17TH! Bottom of platform storage drawer was cracked in 2 places and was particle board. Furniture customer care 1-80*-442-**** was help, just kept apologizing. My first complete bedroom matching set and it is not complete or matching! WILL NEVER SHOP JCP again. I hope they do go out of business they deserve it! One end does not know what the other is doing They may just come and pick up the pieces I paid to have assembled today...but they can't guraantee me they will give me my money back
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That is what happened to me exactly - wants to deliver two different pieces at different dates - your mattress one day then three days later the frame. I had to cancel my order for their convenience the shipper.


JC Penney has the WORST customer service I have EVER encountered. Agent actually hung-up on me. They couldn't guarantee a delivery date and 4 hour window of delivery, which any reputable company should be able to do.

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Winter Garden, Florida
New Reviewer

JCPenneys cyber deals ha

I placed an order with JCP 4 items weren't in stock and would ship later. So funny I've received the 4 items that weren't in stock and my 9 that were are now on backorder. I will never purchase online from JCP again. I sent an email to see what's going on and haven't received an answer. I call customer service and I'm told it's shipped, it's shipping today, it's shipping tomorrow. So what is it? These are Christmas gifts for out of state grandkids. My credit was/is on hold for this purchase and I have no gifts!!!!
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I am still waiting on one package. Since I cannot get anything to come up on the tracking number that was given to me, I am not holding my breath.

The last thing I ordered was showing in stock on the website, then it was backordered, then I was sent an email that apologized for the wait and gave me a tracking number. When a week went by and no package, I demanded to speak to a supervisor. She informed me that the merchandise was discontinued. So what was it that was shipped with a tracking number attached?

She had no explanation.

This company will very likely fold after Christmas. I have a feeling that is why so many items are not being restocked and the company is just not trying to please customers any longer, because they know soon it will not matter.


:cry Well I received my items. Everything I ordered was for toddlers.

I opened a package of something I didn't recognize and it was bikini bottom for a swim suit adult size large.

The bag was marked size 2T shirt? WTH?????

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Alliance, Ohio
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Ordered 7 items at JCP online in black friday. They gave 2 different order numbers in my email. After almost a month, only one arrived, and when I called to complaint they assure there is only one item in the order where the confirmation mail says there is 6, and the other order is simply disappeared from their system. I have the confirmation emails from both orders. But the lady in the call center who finally answered after a 25 min wait, says there is nothing she can do if the order does number does not come up. Nor she gives me any information where I can redirect my complaint. Very pissed at JCP. Beware of buying there.
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Omaha, Nebraska
New Reviewer

I ordered on line on the 22nd of Nov. no package yet!!! I keep emailing them .No answer!!!!

I can't get anyone at Penny's to email me back with regards to order. I ordered this on the 22ND of November. They said it would be 5 to 7 days. It is not here yet and it is over the 7 days. Not to email me back really makes me mad!!!! I have emailed them 3 times!!!!! I like to order on line. I have spent a lot of money between Penny's and Kohl's. Kohl's is GREAT!!!! BUT Penny's is not so good. They just ignore me like I am going to go away. I want my package!!!!!! Thank you, Blonde049
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I wrote a bit ago about my package that I ordered on 11-22-12. To this day I have still not gotten my package. Oh, they emailed me saying it was on BACK ORDER!!!!! Why in the heck didn't they give me the courtesy of informing me sooner????? But, still no package yet.

Thank you,



Similar issues here. I have received emails with shipping information but still no packages.

Can't seem to get any response from JC Penney as to where they are because unless someone is walking it to my house, it shouldn't take this long. Today I had them cancel two of my orders with items that were backordered and are "no longer available". I would have appreciated knowing that earlier so I could have purchased other items or even purchased the same items in the store. If it cost a few more dollars I would at least have them.

Such a shame that a company such as JC Penney couldn't handle their orders. I would guess they have lost a lot of customers due to this.


Same here. I have been given a tracking number for merchandise that was discontinued, so it was never sent. How can they send out a USPS tracking number for a package that was never mailed?

All I want is to get this one last order and I am done with this company that has gone down hill so fast.


The same thing happened to me. Ordered Nov.22 and still no packages.

I did call and was told since they were so busy on Black Friday that they were backlogged. I said I ordered BEFORE Black Friday. Well, I got an email yesterday and today that 2 of my 3 orders had been shipped UPS. SLLLOOOWWW!

I still have to ship these gifts out after I get them. My granddaughters will not receive their gifts on time. I then called JC PENNEY corporate and told them they should have least notified us of the delay so we could order elsewhere if we wished. Sorry was all I got.

Since 2 orders had still not gone out at that time, I asked if they could change shipping to USPS Priority. Absolutely not...nor could they cancel the order because it was already at UPS. I'm stuck.

I am not happy and even though I have shopped JCP for years, I'm done. Goodbye, so long, farewell.

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Lancaster, California
New Reviewer

Waiting...still waiting...

I ordered a treadmill from JcPenney thinking that I was getting a great deal since another store was selling it for $30 more. Against my better judgement I placed the order. After pushing the submit button I decided to check out the reviews for JcPenney. Boy was I shocked! Now mind you, JCPenney use to be this holiday guru shipping out these massive catalogs and being praised for service year round. Little did I know that through the years service has become so poor that there was NOT ONE positive review for them. Upon finding this out, it came as no surprise that shipping would be ***. Shipping info stated that it wouldn't even begin to travel my way until 2 weeks after I placed the order. Finally I decided to call customer service. Waited 35 minutes to even speak to someone. Then she continued to place me on hold for minutes at a time only to end up giving me information that I had already known. So a week later, I'm expecting to get a phone call to schedule my delivery and what do I get??--an email notifying me that my order has been canceled due to its "unavailability." THANK GOD!!! I regretted this order from day 1 and now instead of worrying about returning the broken treadmill (I'm sure it would've been ***) I can finally go to my trusted source: Wal-Mart and get my stuff 3 days after I place the order. Now that's service. Never again will I shop at that junk of a store they call JCPenney!!
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I don't know what you assume the treadmill would be "***." Your assumption is literally baseless, tho your fears over JC Penny's customer service are valid, given the amount of negative reviews of them I have seen.

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Huntsville, Alabama
New Reviewer

JCP Scammed me & ruined my Cyber Monday

On Cyber Monday (11-26-12), I had ordered 3 hats online for $45 for the Cyber Monday deal which also included FREE SHIPPING. I had put in my card info and the charge went through. I soon received an email stating that I would receive my items 4-7 days. on 11-30-12, I received an email from JCP stating that my card was declined and that they want me to input another form of payment (another card, check, etc). So I checked my account, and the charge was still there. I emailed them to let them know that my card is fine, meaning I have enough on my balance, and also that I would not give them another form of payment, especially because the charge is still on my account. So now, I have a $45 charge on my card, no new hats, and I doubt they will offer me my Cyber Monday deal with FREE SHIPPING. How hard is it to get one online order correct? I have tried to contact their 24/7 customer service, which is complete ***. You have to wait at least a half hour to speak with someone, who will most likely hangup on you. JCP claims they have number 1 customer service year after year but I don't see where that is? They treat ALL of their customers like ***. Read all of these reviews for crying out loud! Also, when you walk into a JCP and you hear their alarm, IT SPEAKS IN SPANISH! How *** racist is that??? P.s. They have completely deleted my ONLINE account and IGNORED every email I sent them but one saying "INPUT ANOTHER FORM OF PAYMENT", you greedy money hungry *** You have lost yet ANOTHER customer. Good luck to your failing company, cant wait to watch you fall.... I AM EXTREMELY PISSED!! I WILL TELL EVERYONE I KNOW NOT TO SHOP AT JCP!
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every single time i hit an item i want, its no longer available...i did this almost 30 times before i gave up..if its not available TAKE IT OFF THE *** SITE


Ordered jacket on black friday at JCP online. site crashed dead after entering my payment info.

did it go through, or not? was unable to varify for days. could not get a response from JCP customer service. no e-mail confirmation for almost 9 days.

in limbo land of uncertainty. first and last time.

their online set up is a mess. like the merchandise, but what a sweaty hassel!

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West Covina, California

JCPenny lost my glasses.

I went shopping with a group of friends a couple months ago to a 2 hour away mall. I generally don't shop at JCPenny, but my friends convinced me to do so. While I was trying on clothes, my glasses kept getting in the way so I decided to set them hanging on top of one of the walls the divide the changing rooms. After that my friends and I decided to leave. It as only after I got home that I realized what I had done. So I called right away. It was evident that the person who answered my call was new. She sounded in her 20's, forgot to give me her name, stammered an awful lot, and put me on hold 3 times. I gave her directions as to wear my glasses were and she found them almost immediately. I gave her my number and name, and told her to keep them for me. She said they would hold them in the customer service table by the jewelry section until I picked them up. I told her it might take a while, since I was a college student and rarely traveled, but she said it was fine. After that I hung up. A month later I finally had the opportunity to go back to that mall with my family. I went straight to JCPenny and asked the first worker about my glasses. They shrugged and pointed me to higher up worker. She looked around a bit in the customer service section, but that was about it. She apologized and told me she hadn't found them. I wasn't going to let that go, so I kept persisting them to keep looking. They had promised to take care of my glasses. She left to go search in the lost and found section, but came back empty handed. She told me they had a 30 day policy, if the item still wasn't identified they would throw it away. I was furious. The girl in the telephone had forgotten to share that important piece of information with me. If she had, I would have gotten there sooner. I was promised the safe keeping of my glasses. Right now I'm not going as great financially, I can't afford another pair of prescribed glasses. I demand satisfaction. Find my glasses or pay for new ones.
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LOL. you're an ***.


That is your fault. Geeze. Your *** huh.


Lost of glasses is your fault not theirs. Grow up!


Another sign of the stupidity of youth. You are responsible for the loss of your glasses and you obviously did not care since you wasted so much time returning for them.


I have to agree with Funny Mann. How do you LEAVE your glasses, then come back 30 days later expecting them to keep them in a nice stored container for you lol.

I wear glasses and if I didn't, my vision would be so blurry, I can't drive without them!

You must have been faded to forget someone as important as your glasses... Silly you














You left them there meaning you don't really need them because if you did they would have been on your face. Then you went 30 more days and are now *** you need them???

Come on you are an adult you can't blame others for your mistake.

Sounds as if you don't need them. Just give up say your sorry and move on.

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Storm Lake, Iowa

Will never order from JC Penney again....

i ordered two items/gifts, both were of very poor quality. I ordered a pair of opal earrings. The opals were so small, I would be too embarrassed to give it as a gift. However, the price was not small. What a rip-off. Never order jewelry on-line, from JCP. Then i ordered a coat, it was made out of that felt they use to make Christmas stockings for the dollar store. The cheapest garment I have ever seen. I returned both. I never will shop there again! I shop online, and never had such poor items sent to me. I am in shock. JCP should be embarrassed to sell such trash.
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Wilmington, Delaware

JCP International Online shipping/shopping Sucks!!

I am a first time JCP online shopper and since Thursday 22nd Nov 2012 I have been trying to place an online order for international shipping and I keep getting the message "International Shipping is TEMPORARILY unavailable, try again later"! Twice all the items in my 'bag' mysteriously disappeared and today the CSR over the phone told me to delete the cookies in my browser and VOILA!! my items were deleted from my 'bag' Again! So I guess JCP does not want my money! They need to fix their online services. 5 days is waay too long for a glitch in which no one seems to know aboout or how to fix!.......Come on JCP in these hard economic times you cant be allowing easy money to slip through your fingers!!
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Jcp sucks!!! Its over a week now im trying to place order but cant, no choices of international then tried to talk to costumer service and said go to jcp website and find this more ways to shopping and you can find international which not in there.

Dont get any help from them. Such a waste of time.


I live in Canada and I ordered a winter jacket. Not once but twice.

Both times they took the money from my credit card and both times they informed me that my item got lost in transit.

This was for the same jacket. I thought maybe once was a can happen, but twice?? They tell me that my credit card isn't charged until the item is delivered but that's such a lie. They paid themselves for an item which in fact never existed.

I'm furious and it really scares me when ordering on-line because of thief's like this. Canada shoppers, please beware.

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Port-Of-Spain, Port-Of-Spain
New Reviewer

Ruined my traditional Black Friday

The only store I have ever set foot in on BF was JCP. This year was a complete & total bust. Last year we purchased 3 huge bags of amazing deals, our once a year event to get our winter clothes, shoes,kitchen & bedding deals. Within 10 minutes we were totally discouraged & ready to leave. NO DEALS IN ANY DEPARTMENT !!!! We shopped and shopped, with heavy hearts. Since we went to so much trouble to get there (no Penneys near our home) we felt compelled to find SOMETHING! We left with 3 items each. FULL PRICE on most of it. ARE YOU SERIOUS PENNEYS? You ruined our sacred tradition with the 'no coupons' and 'no discount' Bull@#%&. So disgusted! Sears, here we come.
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Levy i agree. I used to work at a jcpenney.

Since the new changes theyve been going downhill quick. i got the "black friday sale" ad in the paper, looked at THE FRONT of the ad, laughed and threw it directly into th trash. i knew it was going to be a joke and now i was proven right.

Never go there again. its bad..


Wow did you not go on BLACK FRIDAY. The store was 30% off almost everywhere.

Even Fine Jewelry was 25% off. It was the one exception to the 'no sale' rule. Or did you not go on Friday and went Saturday or Sunday instead? If that was the case there is your problem.

It was a Black Friday Sale. Then again they could do what all the other retailers do and mark it up so you think you are getting a sale.

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Phoenix, Arizona

New Changes=Cheap Quality=High Prices

I have been a loyal and regular JCP customer for many years. Nearly 90% of my wardrobe came from JCP. Since the merchandise and pricing changes, I have no desire to step foot in a JCP store again. All the brands I used to buy on a regular basis are no longer available. JCP is now selling poor quality merchandise and charging way too much for it. If I wanted cheap clothing and shoes, I'd go to Walmart. JCP used to sell good quality clothing and their sales were great. The brands, sales, and coupons were great incentives for people to shop in their store. I don't know what they were thinking when they made these changes but I agree with other dissatisfied customers, JCP made a huge mistake. They seem to be catering to teens and 20 somethings but it's not a "cool" store for them. And after all, it's the older generations, 40 and up that have the money to spend. We are also very loyal and count on our favorite brands, labels, etc. year after year. Obviously JCP doesn't care about loyal customers. They are trying to be something they're not and it's a great way to destroy a company that once had integrity. From now on I will shop at other department stores and won't bother going into a JCP store unless they bring back the brands and pricing. And from what I understand, their new CEO is a brainless twit so I don't see them going back to being a great store again.
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Jcp has gotten cheap on their clothes , I wash them and they fade so bad or loose their shape really bad quality has gone down hill. They also make it hard to use the rewards they should give you a choice 1st of all for text or email and they take 30 days to give you any of your new rewards which is surprising to me since you think the would want you back in right away.

It's to the point I'm shopping some where else. They need to wake up


Ron Johnson ruined JCP. He took away all the deals, coupons, etc.

He tried to change JCP into target.

JCP is failing at a fast rate, losing customers one at a time. ROFL


I have been a very loyal customer to JCP for a while. It was the place to go when I needed new casual business clothing for the office.

They never stumped on the selection of plus sizes and had lots of variety for me to choose from. But ever since the changes last year, the store has become unrecognizable. It has turned into a mini-Macy's store with their new logos and brand name shops. It also has reduced their wide selections of plus-size clothing.

If I wanted cheaply made casual business wear, then I go K-Mart. Shame on you JCP, you have successfully demonstrated how to quickly lose loyal hard-working customers to the young 20yr olds who still see JCP as their mothers type of store :cry


My husband and I have been shopping at jcp for Many years.since the

new CEO has taken over,the store has gone to ***. Can't find our brand name clothes any more.

The pricing has gone up dramaticly and the sizes are for the thinner people. Well, not every one is thin. We are truly dissapointed in jcp store. And will never shop there again.

Smar!ten up CEO you don't know what the consumer realty needs and wants. Don't know what collage you went to, but I can tell you this you wasted all that money for nothing for tuition.

I never even finished high school and I am smarter than you. Llook at the big picture why don't you?


I am a first time JCP online shopper and since Thursday 22nd Nov 2012 I have been trying to place an online order for international shipping and I keep getting the message "International Shipping is TEMPORARILY unavailable, try again later"! Twice all the items in my 'bag' mysteriously disappeared and today the CSR rep told me to delete the cookies in my browser and VOILA!!

my items were deleted from my 'bag' Again! So I guess JCP does not want my money!

They need to fix their online services. 5 days is waay too tong for a glitch in which no one seems to know aboout or how to fix!.......Come on JCP in these hard economic times you cant be allowing easy money to slip through your fingers!!


Yeah their integrity got choked out once ron johnson came on board. lots of good people lost jobs, i watched it happen first hand.

It was sad, i left before i got let go. I dont want any part of that hole in the ground. and yeah the CEO is nothing short of ignorant and careless.

As sad as it is, people would rather shop walmart before jcp, and i dont blame them! Good luck in future shopping.

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San Francisco, California
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