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After waiting more then 15 minutes in a check out line at a JC Penney register kiosk my wife and I finally just left the merchandise and LEFT the store. When you have THREE clerks trying to check out one customer for these 15 minutes and NO ONE manning the second register our patience ran out.

I intend NEVER to return to this store and my monies that could have been spent at this store will go ELSEWHERE!

I just cannot believe that any sales clerk can be this insensitive to the customer's needs. IF I had the store manager's phone number I would complain via the phone but thought I would go this route instead.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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And now that you mention this, reminds me of the time I worked for a large grocery chain. When us employees were working the 20 items or less lanes, our managers always warned us that we could NOT refuse to ring up a customer if they had a shopping cart full & came into our lane.

Even if it was a SUPER busy day! Since we couldn't say anything, numerous times we had people with full shopping carts of groceries & a line behind them with customers who only had a few items. We barely even had enough counter space to ring up all those items! After that selfish customer would leave, the customer behind them would usually yell at us about taking them in the first place.

I had to explain each time that our managers forbid us to ever say anything. I always wished customers would yell at the crazy customer with the full cart & not at me....but they never did.


The customer they were dealing with sounds like a problem customer that they were all attending to. If I were you, I would've told the customer to stop holding up the line or wait while you guys were rung up.

Most customers at my store have ZERO care for making others wait while they hold up the line. As employees, we are NOT allowed to tell the customer to wait a bit while we ring someone else up.

This is why I wish more people would speak up. Cause we can't & risk getting fired if we dare to :/

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