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I certainly miss Cabin Creek shirts and now am buying them used on eBay. Does this make sense? Add comment

Carla in the Altamonte Springs Mall/ Jewelry section was soooo RUDE and advised me she was not allowed to ring up one pair of jeans because they were so busy. Especially when she was just standing there refusing to ring me up. For the time she took to explain as to why she couldn't ring me up, she could have just done it. I work in customer service and I would so anything to make sure the customer is okay especially when they are spending money. Read more

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Jcpenney - Purse dye wearing off
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A leather purse I bought at JCPenney has dye wearing off of strap that rest on my shoulder, and on top of purse around the zipper. It shows red now in those areas. Other than that my purse looks brand new inside and out. It began changing color about 5 to 6 weeks after I purchased it. I never returned it because of the length of time I had it. I've bought cheaper purses in the past and the dye hasn't ever faded on them. Other Liz... Read more

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While I am pleased with most of my purchases at JC Penney, I wish I could still buy Cabin Creek slacks at the stores. What happened to these really comfortable, versatile products? Will they be available again? True, they are products that are really geared toward major women, but I believe there is still a substantial market for this type of product. I would really like to see the winter Cabin Creek selections, as well as capris and light... Read more

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I've had an account with JC Penny since the 80's, and I admittingly don't go to the store that often...(live a good ways away), however I did shop there today 4/10/16 and spent a lot of time picking out items to get the best prices with coupons and using my JC Penney credit card. The cashier ran my card and said the account had been closed! She gave me a number to call, which I did, while still standing in line. The rep said it was closed due... Read more

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Called customer service and spoke to Kaylon about an order that was accidentally sent to the wrong store. I live in Florida. The order was delivered to Baltimore. Kaylon told me the only way to get a refund was go to the store. I explained I was in Florida and the order was in Baltimore. He said I needed to go to the store. I asked him to call the store. He Saudi he could not.n asked for a supervisor and ge said there was no one over him.... Read more

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I, in the past could find clothes thru this company. The past 2 years I spent enough at the store. My decision is that I am now a customer on line with a business and not only the clearance sales are great but they have wonderful clothing. I in the day could find cute clothes, but now it is older style woman clothing; icking!!! I want the old store back from 1974 to 1984. What's up with the fashions? Only older people clothes. When JCP put... Read more

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  • Apr 01
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Lady cashier was really obsessed with getting her hands on my phone even aftwr taking another in front of me. Treated another after me rude and even called him prejudice. The black lady was the one who was prejudice. Add comment

I visited 2 Jcpenney's hair salon one was located in West land mall in Michigan on Warren Rd. And the hair dresser name c was trying to over charge me for a simple hair style, so I spoke to the manager name Allison and she went along and agreed with her over price. And they were very rude. And the other Jcpenney was located in Novi Michigan the hair dresser name was Ketcha and she was demanding that I give her a very large tip if she do my hair.... Read more

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My daughter went to JCP salon to get her eyebrow cleaned up, she just needed a touch up and the lady who helped her did an extremely horrible job. My daughter eyebrows looked like a clowns eyebrows. My daughter is a teenager and is crying and embarrassed to go out in public. JCP has ruined my daughter she was suppose to go on a trip this weekend and is now unable to attend due to the way her eyebrows look. ;( Never go to JCP salon they... Read more

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