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I had a J C Penney account they have closed my account ! I had a no balances owing on my account too. I did however file bankruptcy on other charges (not J C Penney)? The card was my first, called a young modern account had a large open credit balance Over the years J C Penney changed credit handlers reduced credit lines, raised interest rates too. Previous I had J C Penney decorate my new home, with custom draperies appliances also bought 2... Read more

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Long wait! They let customers use the same coupon for half hour! I was in line for over 20 minutes, while this lady ABUSED the $10 off $25 coupon!!!! The coupon clearly states it is to be used ONE time per customer, per transaction. This policy isn't being upheld. I got so mad that I left, because the associate ringing the customer up allowed the customer to break her transaction up about 6 or 7 times. Not fair! I only had one shirt on my hand.... Read more

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I have a friend who works at J C Penney. Their manager will NOT get anything to help detect counterfeit money, such as a pen. When they take what looks like very real money in and it turns out to be counterfeit, the employee is required to pay what was lost by the company, or they are threatened with termination. I think the management should shoulder the responsibility as they do not provide the tools necessary to help thwart it and will not... Read more

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I bought two couches from JC Penny Home Store. One is defective. It has been an absolute NIGHTMARE trying to get JC Penny to take care of this. They promise to call but they don't. They promise to take care of it...they don't. I bought this couch in October, called them with the problem in December...guess what???? Still NOTHING!!! Do not buy from them..seriously..just don't. The sale of course went great and I was told all kinds of incorrect... Read more

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  • Jcpenney
  • May 09
  • #844578

I make my payments in the beginning of every month, my bill is not due till 25th of every month, they have been charging me 35 dollars a month late fees, called and spoke to them , they told me i need to pay on 25th of every month not the 1st, so sad, jc penny is one big problem...this is horrible. Add comment

JCP has a good way of making sure your credit is heavily dented . Other companies will give you a chance to pay the balance and a late penalty Or at least call or attempt in writing that the payment was late . im building my credit up and I had $800.00 credit line but when I recieved my bill there was a late penalty of $43.00 and my credit line was reduced to $120.00 with an available credit of $9.00 . They also immediately reported to the... Read more

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I bought 20 pair of Cabin Creek Jeans when JCP had them on sale and I am sure glad i did. They should last my life time. I didn't know they would be discontinued, and even if I gain or lose a few pounds they still fit. If they get too large I dry them in the dryer and if they get to small, I air dry them. I can't say enough about them and it's hard to enter 100 words but I will try. I bought some Cabin Creek slacks in black and tan and white... Read more

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When I picked up the box from UPS from, I knew my coffee mugs from my jcpenney order were broken because I can hear the sounds of broken cups. The mugs were put in a box that was way too big without any other packing material to protect it. I was to have two sets of mugs sent to me, one set was completely shattered and the other set only had one mug int it. Jcpenney told me I would not need to return the broken shards and would... Read more

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  • Jcpenney
  • Apr 30
  • #839305

I bought 3 ambrielle push up bras and each one of them is leaking some kind of oil its all over my skin, shirt and has stained. The bra looks soaked in grease its like the padding eroded or has gone bad, its just a padded bra and they are my favorite bras ever and now all of them have leaked what is going on. I washed them and it got worse and the oil grease stuff is everywhere. Add comment

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  • Jcpenney
  • Apr 22
  • #834747

I certainly miss Cabin Creek shirts and now am buying them used on eBay. Does this make sense? Add comment

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